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Dumpster Size Rental Options & Cost!

14 Yard Dumpster

1-7 Days
THE FIRST 2,000 lbs. ARE FREE!
Additional Weight Just $.05 cents/ lb.
25 Yard Dumpster Rental

25 Yard Dumpster

1-7 Days
Best Pricing Guaranteed
THE FIRST 2,000 lbs. ARE FREE!
Additional Weight Just $.05 cents/ lb.

20 Yard Dumpster

1-7 Days
THE FIRST 2,000 lbs. ARE FREE!
Additional Weight Just $.05 cents/ lb.

Fill & Go in Miamisburg, Ohio

What is Our Fill & Go Option?

Our Fill & Go option is perfect for those who want to quickly throw out their trash. With this option, we’ll keep the dumpster and truck at your location for up to 2 hours. You can fill it up within that time frame and then we’ll haul it off to the dump for you.

This option is extremely convenient for those who need to get rid of their trash fast. All you have to do is book online and tell us your preferred time online and then we reach out to you have the booking!

To book a Fill & Go dumpster, simply select this option during the online booking process. It’s that easy! Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with your booking. Don’t let trash build up – get rid of it fast with our Fill & Go option.

How Much Damage Does Heavier Dumpsters Do On Pavement?

When a dumpster is placed correctly, damage to your driveway is highly unlikely. A reputable dumpster rental company like Pack Mule Dumpsters will ensure that every precaution has been taken to prevent damage. We strictly use 14-yard roll-off dumpsters because they are the safest for your driveway! Our owner follows this policy because having heavy trucks on his driveway caused it to crack over time.

The biggest concern for most homeowners is the weight of the dumpster. If you use a smaller dumpster, you will not have to worry about any cracks to your driveway. If you choose a larger dumpster than needed and place it on an uneven surface, then you may experience some damage to your driveway as well.

If you are concerned about damage to your driveway and want peace of mind while renting a dumpster, please give us a call today! We can provide information on our policies and what we do to prevent damage so there are no surprises when it comes time for pick up!

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Pack Mule Dumpsters is your source for quality roll-off dumpster rentals in Dayton, Ohio. We're located in Miamisburg and serve the entire Miami Valley area. To keep costs down and minimize environmental impact, we use only 14-yard units. If you're looking for a quality roll-off dumpster rental in Dayton, Ohio, look no further than Pack Mule Dumpsters! We only offer 14-yard roll-off dumpsters to protect your property and driveway from damage. We know how important it is to find the right company for your needs, so we've made it easy for you to book a rental online or give us a call today.

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Dumpster Rental in Miamisburg, Ohio

Why Choose Pack Mule Dumpster for Rentals?

When you need a dumpster rental, Pack Mule Dumpster is the best choice for South Dayton, Ohio residents. We offer high-quality dumpsters that are available for short-term or long-term rentals. Our team will help you find the perfect size for your project and make sure that your waste is disposed of properly.

Our company loves tp help customers with their waste management needs! We want to make sure you get the service that you need, no matter how big or small your project is. Our dumpsters are perfect for homeowners and businesses looking to haul away large amounts of trash. Whether it’s renovations, home cleanouts, or any other project that leaves you with excess garbage, we can help!

At Pack Mule Dumpster, we understand how important it is to get rid of unwanted debris quickly and professionally. That’s why we offer convenient location drop-offs and cover a large portion of South Dayton, Ohio. We have a wide selection of dumpsters for homeowners and businesses looking to haul away large amounts of trash. Our dumpster rentals are ideal for renovations, home cleanouts, or any other project that leaves you with excess garbage.

Dayton, Ohio Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Rental in Miamisburg, Ohio

How Much Trash Can You Fit in a 14-Yard Dumpster?

You might be surprised to find out that the answer is: a lot! In fact, this dumpster can hold the equivalent of four and a half pickup truck loads. So if you’re doing a small or medium remodel on your home, or if you just need some extra help cleaning up some yard debris, this is the perfect size for you!

With our 14-yard roll-off dumpsters, it’s easy to throw trash in from any angle—even from above! And because we make these containers so low to the ground, we can also stack them on each other without worrying about them tipping over.

If you are a contractor looking to use us as your main provider for dumpster rentals then let us know and get a discount!!!

Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster Rental in Dayton, Ohio FAQs

The process of booking a roll-off dumpster from Pack Mule involves a few simple steps. First, you can book online or by giving us a call! If you choose to book online, you’ll fill out our reservation form. The form requires your contact information and the size of dumpster you’re interested in renting. Once we receive your reservation, we’ll send you an email confirmation. This is our way of letting you know that we’ve received your request and will be preparing for delivery. Once your order is prepared for delivery, we’ll give you a call so we can confirm the drop off location. 

You can dump just about anything into a dumpster rental. Here are some of the items that we’ve seen:

Packaging: If you’re remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, you might have to dispose of old materials that are still intact. This includes cardboard boxes, foam packaging, plastic wrap, and more.

Yard waste (including branches and leaves): If you’re cleaning up your yard in preparation for spring, you can use a dumpster rental to get rid of all those branches and leaves that are cluttering up your yard! You can also use it to dispose of grass clippings after mowing.

Mattresses: When it’s time to replace your mattress or box spring set, you’ll need somewhere to put them while they’re waiting for recycling. If your city doesn’t have a drop-off location for mattresses and other large pieces of furniture (like couches), then using a dumpster rental is the best option. Just make sure that any bedbugs or other pests are dead before putting things into the dumpster!

Toys: If there are toys around the house that no one plays with anymore (or maybe even some broken ones), then you can throw them away in the dumpster rental without feeling guilty about it!

If you’re ordering a dumpster for the first time or haven’t needed one in a while, it’s completely normal to have some questions. Don’t worry — from identifying what you’re tossing to scheduling delivery, we’ll help you know what to expect to make renting a dumpster an easy process.

First things first: Pick a dumpster that fits your needs. We offer two sizes: 10 cubic yards (1 truckload) and 20 cubic yards (2 truckloads). Then, get an online quote that includes pricing based on the size of the container you choose, as well as other factors like whether you need special pick-up or delivery services, whether you need it picked up on weekends or holidays, if you want it delivered off-site for extra fees and more! Once you’ve reviewed all the details and decided on a price point that works for your budget and needs, place an order with us using our secure online form.

We’ll confirm your order and let you know when we can schedule pickup for your new dumpster. A representative will also give you further details about how long we estimate it will take to deliver

If you are looking for a roll off dumpster rental service then Pack Mule Dumpsters is the best option for you in Dayton, Ohio.

Pack Mule Dumpsters is a local company. We have the experience and knowledge to help you find the best solution for your needs. We offer dumpster rentals for residential, commercial, construction and industrial purposes. We have a large fleet of trucks and trailers which allow us to deliver our dumpsters to your location quickly and efficiently.

You may be wondering if dumpster rentals are cost-efficient. And the answer is yes!

Dumpsters are typically the most cost-effective option for medium to large projects or when you need to manage debris during an ongoing project. A kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, house addition, demolition project, or large deck removal job are projects where a dumpster may be the more economical solution.

One other way that dumpster rentals are cost-efficient is that they can save you money when compared with other waste management options. For example, if you have a lot of waste you need to dispose of and your hauler charges by weight, using a dumpster will likely be cheaper than paying by the pound.

If you’re looking for ways to save on your next project, consider using a dumpster rental instead of another disposal method.

If you’re looking for dumpster rentals at cheap prices, then Pack Mule Dumpsters is the company you want to call. We’ve got competitive prices and top-of-the-line customer service so that you can rest easy knowing your project will be completed on time and within budget.

Dumpsters are helpful for several projects like cleaning flooded basements, remodels, cleaning attics, landscaping, building onto a home, and so forth. Even seemingly small projects like cleaning before a move can benefit from dumpsters.

If you’re looking to invest in a new dumpster rental, you’ll find that there are different sizes available to accommodate your needs. The smallest size is typically 8 cubic yards while the largest is 30 cubic yards.

The cost of renting a dumpster will vary depending on several factors including how long you need it for and what type of materials you plan to put in it (i.e., dirt vs. concrete). You may also have to pay extra fees if you need the dumpster set up in an area that isn’t accessible by standard vehicles (like if you live in an apartment building).