We know that a quality dumpster rental service at a great value is what makes waste removal as easy as possible. You want to get the most out of your money (who doesn’t). That being said, efficiently filling your dumpster is key when it’s time to get rid of junk and debris. To make things even easier, we have compiled a list of our top ten tips for efficiently filling your dumpster:


  • 1. Safety First!– Before you get started filling your dumpster, make sure you have the proper safety gear to protect yourself. Quality work gloves and protective goggles are vital for staying safe.
  • 2. Soft, Flimsy materials go in first– Materials like styrofoam and cardboard should go in first. The weight of the bulkier items will compress the materials, giving you more room.
  • 3. Bulky Items on the Bottom– After you’ve loaded in the weaker materials, put your heavier and bulkier items in. These items typically take up the most room, so putting those in next will ensure the things that matter get in first.
  • 4. Break items down– Break down anything that you (safely) can into smaller pieces. You can use those pieces to fill in gaps and distribute the weight more quickly.
  • 5. Flatten boxes– Although flattening boxes can be time-consuming, it’s crucial to ensure you utilize the dumpster space as best as possible. Consider stacking the flattened boxes together so there aren’t any gaps of unused space.
  • 6. Put smaller items in the gaps– A common mistake when filling a dumpster is not using all available space. You can use smaller items or oddly shaped items to fill in unused space.
  • 7. Check your progress– Take a break every once in a while and review what you’ve filled in the dumpster. Ask yourself if anything needs to be rearranged or if you need to prioritize the remaining items you have to put in the dumpster.
  • 8. Evenly distribute weight– Another important tip is to ensure the weight in the dumpster is evenly distributed. If a dumpster’s weight is distributed incorrectly, it can cause a dangerous situation when the dumpster is in transit.
  • 9. Don’t overload the dumpster– It is essential not to overfill the dumpster. Overloading a dumpster can cause debris to fly out during transportation which could cause physical harm or property damage.
  • 10. Call Pack Mule!- There’s a lot that goes into renting a dumpster, paired with the task of removing your residential or commercial waste. You may wonder what you can and cannot put in your dumpster. We will happily answer any questions you have about your dumpster rental

As a local and veteran-owned business, Pack Mule Dumpsters knows the value of excellent service at an affordable rate. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide that for you. Ready to get started? Then Book Online with us now, and we will gladly assist you with whatever your dumpster needs!


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